Data Analytics Service
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An experienced data analytics service provider, Yorosis delivers on easy and complex needs with a tailored business analytics solution. Enable data management to help you realize business value.
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Data Science

Yorosis brings the power of Data Science and Analytics to businesses. Analyze your raw data, process it and generate insights with our interactive platform. Yorosis helps data science experts make the most of their knowledge, from metrics to machine learning with available data.

Data Warehousing & Mining

Unlock the power of data by mining and exploring data sets in a way never seen before. Supercharge your software analytics with the most comprehensive data collection solution. Yorosis is a data-driven company that manages data collection effectively and securely.

Data Integration

Easily integrate your data with a range of other fast and automated platforms. We help with data integration with a leading-edge app to provide overviews, reports, and insights. Reduce management complexity and gain business value in today’s digital world.

Data Security

Protect your data with a safe and secure system with guaranteed data loss protection. Our team is dedicated to keeping your data secure. We offer a range of software solutions, including cloud and virtualization technologies, to protect you from cyber threats.

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Analytics as a Service

Access your product analytics data in minutes from a leading provider. We provide customizable agile analytics and analytical dashboards for your business. Optimize your data and track progress with a customer-centric analytics platform. 

Big Data Consulting

Our consultants will take your data and convert it into actionable insights. 

Big Data Implementation

Get a product/software that helps you execute your big data strategy.

Operational Analytics

Make better business decisions and continuously improve performance.

Data Processing

Automatically process all your user data to save your time and money.


Yorosis uses Artificial Intelligence to improve user experience with products.

Ad-hoc Analysis

Enhance business productivity by presenting your users with better data.