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Accelerate your workloads and cloud operations by increasing the efficiency with our DevOps Services. Enhance software performance by getting the most out of their development and operations.
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DevOps Implementation in Enterprises 

With our Enterprise DevOps solution, we help small and large enterprises reach higher efficiency in Development and Operations. Get your DevOps strategy in place with Yorosis, the most affordable DevOps provider. Configure your solution and build in minutes.

Framework Creation

Build a pilot framework to execute the standard DevOps setup. Quickly and easily create your web framework with Yorosis. With native capabilities, you can build the best solution in just minutes so that your product will take advantage of modern technologies.

Process Automation

We automate an end-to-end process pipeline across cloud platforms. Automate your processes with Yorosis. Process automation platforms that perform repetitive tasks across the entire software lifecycle. Take your solution to the next level with this automation platform.

Security Implementation

W provide comprehensive protection from vulnerable threats through security measures. Get your business security up to the level of individual users and enjoy peace of mind with a solid software solution. We offer our clients advanced protection tools to stay safe.

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DevOps as a Service

Ensure onboarding of applications by automating delivery pipeline and facilitating integration and development. Yorosis specializes in providing secure, reliable infrastructure that empowers your software teams to focus on their most important work. Our DevOps experts have experience with infrastructure, including Azure and AWS.

DevOps Intelligence

Our open-source-based AI-powered platform integrates real-time data to generate actionable insights.

Release Management

Accelerate workloads by minimizing costs and speed up the release management cycle with our DevOps solution.

Deployment Automation 

Our DevOps solution helps align with the goals and deliver high-quality software-based products and services.

Our DevOps Capabilities

Full automation and orchestration. Agile DevOps planning and management. AI-Driven DevOps insights. Comprehensive continuous testing. 

Strategy Planning 

Assess the state of the DevOps toolchain, process, and culture, and quantify your model.

Infrastructure Automation

Deliver automated infrastructure with less engineering, friction, and speed.

Continuous Monitoring

Reviews of platforms, pipeline performance KPIs, and teams to ensure no gaps.

Tool Stack

Leverage existing tools and integrate them with a robust ecosystem of licensed tools.


Rapidly setting up integrative processes, including continuous testing and integration. 

Deployment Management

Minimized all the failed risks and issues through effective deployment management.