Healthcare Solutions

Yorosis is a healthcare solution provider that provides easy medication management tools for the workplace, saving time and money on the cost of care. We deliver integrated solutions and end-to-end consulting for the healthcare market.
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Our healthcare process automation helps enterprises embrace value-driven transformation and provide an even better quality of service. Transform your business with a simple implementation solution that eliminates manual tasks, automates workflow, streamlines the documentation process and makes you more productive.

Ready Solutions

We offer an extensive range of solutions which helps the clients to execute the best practices in the industry. Reduce your healthcare costs using our software to automate compliance and clinical documentation.

Claims Management

Our solution automates a medical practice invoicing and easily claims processes.

Rules Engine

Our rules engine allows healthcare clients to customize and automate workflows.

Process Automation

With RPA solutions, organizations can facilitate processes without increasing labour costs.

Workflow Automation

Improve the functionality of the healthcare system with workflow automation solution.


Yorosis services include a powerful dashboard and customization tools that software users need to feet at the forefront of their industry. Build your healthcare solution idea and get started today with Yorosis.  


  • Yorosis, with over a year of proven IT experience, has a great team of experts who can offer you an effective DevOps implementation strategy.

Product Development

  • Yorosis works with you to understand, analyze, design, develop, and launch the final product to market. We ensure reliable and highly efficient products.

Cloud Services

  • Yorosis facilitates change through custom cloud services and solutions that accelerate value, intelligence, and innovation across organizations.

System Modernization

  • Yorosis can make your business one that competes now by handling all aspects of a system modernization.

Data Analytics

  • Yorosis enables scalable, modular, and production-grade data analytics across your hybrid multi-cloud environment.


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