End-to-End HRMS Platform

We deliver enterprise-ready HRMS software that enables organizations to automate daily HR processes. Get the tools to make your workday smoother with a time tracking and invoicing tool that combines multiple software applications and internal workflow.
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Human Resource Management Software

Cut down your time hiring and searching for the right employees; increase your chances of finding the best for any position with our HRMS platform. Automate essential HR services, and improve work culture using intuitive human resource process management software.

Ready Solutions

We offer an extensive range of solutions that helps HR managers to execute the best practices in the HR industry. With Yorosis, you can monitor your employees and optimize work processes through numerous easy access and share reports.  

Applicant Tracking System

Transmit the qualification and other data directly to the applicant management software.

Attendance Management

Monitor the employee’s working hours, and ensure any violations with our unified solution. 

Recruitment Management

Document, analyze, track, and prioritize the needs and manage change through our software.

Task Management

Handle the overall life-cycle of a project and track the task status from beginning to end.

Employee Timesheet Approval

Easy way to approve or deny on the go with our employee timesheet approval solution.


Forget the hassles of managing HR and create a high-performing workplace with Yorosis. We deliver an easy-to-use yet powerful HRMS solution that provides users with a secure, cloud-based system and support. We deliver all the templates you need to get your business organized right.   


  • Yorosis, with over a year of proven IT experience, has a great team of experts who can offer you an effective DevOps implementation strategy.

Product Development

  • Yorosis works with you to understand, analyze, design, develop, and launch the final product to market. We ensure reliable and highly efficient products.

Cloud Services

  • Yorosis facilitates change through custom cloud services and solutions that accelerate value, intelligence, and innovation across organizations.

System Modernization

  • Yorosis can make your business one that competes now by handling all aspects of a system modernization.

Data Analytics

  • Yorosis enables scalable, modular, and production-grade data analytics across your hybrid multi-cloud environment.


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