IT Support & Services

We provide on-demand customer care for your software and support. A personalized customer service system is available 24/7 for employees to use when they select to. Receive support on your software with the most helpful and knowledgeable team available.
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IT Support & Services

Reimagine the experience of IT support to support employees before they understand they have an issue. The one-stop shop for all software needs with tools to make learning software a breeze. We offer free consultations to set up your new business software.

Ready Solutions

We offer an extensive range of solutions that helps the employees to execute the best practices in customer support. Working with our team of experts, you can have the best experience. Get the support you deserve for your favourite software.   

Project Tracking

Handle the overall life-cycle of a project and track the task status from beginning to end with our solution.

Request For Proposal System

RFP is a type of bidding request where enterprises declare that they would like a project done and create a proposal faster.

Bug Tracking

Use our ready-to-use bug tracking solution to quickly standardize your enterprise’s product bug reporting process.

Help desk System

Yorosis gives you the help desk solution to know customer requirements and offers apt customer support on time.

Live Chat

Communicate with individual users and group users anytime and anywhere through the Live Chat pop-out icon.

Change Request Management

Ensure changes are perfectly managed and track changes through our ready-to-use change request solution.


Make the most of your investment in software and tools with Yorosis. We provide support and services to help you save time, money, and resources.  


  • Yorosis, with over a year of proven IT experience, has a great team of experts who can offer you an effective DevOps implementation strategy.

Product Development

  • Yorosis works with you to understand, analyze, design, develop, and launch the final product to market. We ensure reliable and highly efficient products.

Cloud Services

  • Yorosis facilitates change through custom cloud services and solutions that accelerate value, intelligence, and innovation across organizations.

System Modernization

  • Yorosis can make your business one that competes now by handling all aspects of a system modernization.

Data Analytics

  • Yorosis enables scalable, modular, and production-grade data analytics across your hybrid multi-cloud environment.


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