System Modernization Services

Yorosis's modernization solution helps you overcome system application modernization barriers and adopt technologies like cloud, mobility, and analytics. Switch from the existing to new technologies seamlessly and ensure business success.
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IT Legacy Modernization

We help you reimagine your IT infrastructure with legacy modernization solutions to mitigate transformation risks and meet increasing business demands. Yorosis brings the latest IT legacy modernization with its commitment to improving and updating software.


We lower accelerate time to market and improve scalability and accessibility with cloud migration. We deploy and manage multi-platform cloud infrastructure. Migrate your applications to the cloud without worry. Our technology migration process ensures that your data is safe.


App modernization encompasses application migration and architecture modernization to the cloud. Yorosis is a platform built for facilitating the app-centric experience and has been designed to ensure you never run into a problem related to your app that you can’t fix.


Modernizing cloud technology that forms the source of your business can be transformative. Yorosis is a leading cloud platform for technology modernization that provides deep learning, big data, and AI solutions to meet business requirements and maintains corporate standards.

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Process Modernization

Optimize the system by which business apps are built, tested, deployed, and managed, particularly connecting with core systems. Yorosis helps software processes to be more efficient with its process automation. We enable process modernization by providing a single view of processes across the entire organization.

Low-code Development

Design enterprise-ready apps, create attractive UIs, and integrate all data, systems, and people. 

Modernize Infrastructure

You can leverage the innovation we have made into our technology – from AI to analytics. 

Hybrid Environment

Simplify enterprise management across hybrid environments and enjoy an integrated experience. 

IT Legacy Modernization Capabilities

IT Legacy Modernization helps to improve the present system that you already use by bringing it into the real-time world  


You can manage any work on a single platform with a unified digitalization technology.

UX Modernization

We provide user-centric and dynamic experiences to enable effective customer engagement.

Data Modernization

We help build and produce an agile data ecosystem, empowering enterprises with insights.